Mobile Network Testing

Are you experiencing degradation of service quality or network problems?

Even though fixed networks still maintain their importance, radio-wave networks have evolved to be the leading form of communication. Also IP-based voice and video services are growing more and more in importance. In both cases subscribers are expecting the same quality from all services.

We help you stay up to date and ensure Quality of Service!


We at net-speed-test.com offer automated end-to-end test solutions and scenarios for all different types of technologies including fixed-line and radio.

With our testing system, QoS is tested in various test scenarios, either within only one transmitting technology or across more technologies. Tests are processed in 2G, 3G, and LTE networks via radio, fixed-line and IP.


  • ONE platform for testing multiple technologies
  • Allows for end-user experience tesiting because of comprehensive end-to-end quality testing
  • We will reduce your OPEX by automated monitoring and reporting
  • Periodic and ad-hoc quality testing
  • Real-time reporting and alarming